My name is Marc Rubin and I am a software developer based in Kentuckiana, a.k.a. Southern Indiana and Louisville Metro. I specialize in full stack development using .NET and web development technologies. Please feel free to navigate my website to learn more about me.

I have been passionate about web development because I have enjoyed building the application to see the results. The software development have challenged myself to seek the best solutions in order to meet the business requirements' needs. The best part of the web development is new, emerging technologies that always pique my interests in trying to incorporate into current software applications or migration projects.

Collaborating with Stakeholders is the driving force to become a great software developer. My motto is to ensure that the user stories are fulfilled and included in the application project.

Clean Code

The importance of having a clean code encompasses code reusability, code refactoring, and eliminating the code redundancy. With the clean code, robustness and maintainability are the paramount of software development.

Architectural Design Patterns

Good design pattern will enhance the scalability which allows tomorrow's developers to add new features to meet the business needs.

Software Migration

Software migration must be carefully assessed on which technology to be used for the newer version. The migration must be intended to meet the tomorrow's business needs using the design to enhance the software robustness.